29 June 2011


i am not in the mood of reenacting the lacklustre race (the one ran by me of course, as a whole, the race was well organized)  but i need to do it while the will to blog is still around and for record sake. I will keep it short and simple.

training: almost non-existent
race entered prior to SCKLM 2011 : 2
carboloading : checked. 75000 calories
support system : boisterous and quirky kakilariks and fmvs.
initial target time to finish: 5.5 hours

KM when cramps first attacked : 20th KM
KM when reduced to walk: 25th km
KM when the idea of DNF occured : from 25th km onwards

running style from 25th KM : alternately run and walk
number of cramp attacks : countless
number of walk breaks : countless
number of swearings: countless

number of stops at water station: every waterstation from 5th km onwards
number of stops at paramedic : from 1st medic tent till the end

time taken for 21km : 2 hr 25mins
time taken to finish last 6km - 55 mins.

highlight of the race: kak june's kedai runcit, kakilariks bonding session prior and after the race, collective runners' highs, the race ambiance, girls in skirts, men in skirts..etc


SCKLM 2010 : 4 hrs 27 mins
PBIM 2010 : 5 hrs 46 mins
SCKLM 2011 : 6hrs 5 mins

Nuff said!

Lesson learned : 
1) Never rest on laurels
2) Never attempt to run 42.195 km without sufficient training
3) Respect the distance.

Special mention:
1) Kudos to kaki lariks for completing the race regardless of category and timing especially azlan aiman for clocking a wicked sub-4 timing
2) Bravo to FMVs for having the bravado to outdo yourself by covering a 42km and succeeded at that.
3) R.E.S.P.E.C.T to Ultramarathoners who ran down south, who were really crazy to cover such a punishing distance and succeeded at that..
4) Salut  to Kak June Malik for her selfless act, for being the glue that sticks the FMVs together, for being the inertia that keep the FMVs going forward and for the heaven-sent kedai runcit.

Will i be running that distance again? a resounding YES! but that will have to come with trainings, LSDs, core strength training etc.


  1. I feel for you Syed coz i went thru almost the same thing e/though i did train more this time. I accept that Allah has other plan for us, we just dont give up ok. Congrats on your finishing!

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  3. Welcome Blog! and congrats for keep going to the finish line. I feel you bro - I was this close to hail a cab and leave, but we did what we have to do...

    See you in the next LSD - this Sunday? :D

  4. Hey kiddo, dont be too hard on yourself ya. Hope that will give you the push and motivation to make a better and stronger come back. I know you can do it bro!!

  5. Congrats Syed, another feather on your Marathon cap.

    U been there and done that, all u need is...trainings, we love to have u around. Sila rajin buat LSD, ajak Che Daud sekali :)

  6. I knew there were something wrong when i met you at NB15km and last sunday marathon.

    Nampak kau berjalan masa tu baru je 25Km kan? aduh syed...i know how you feel..it was like my putrajaya night marathon years back.

    It baffled me when sometimes you trained hard, like wanted to throw up, but on race day, you just cant do it..why?..It happened to me before..
    last2..maleh nak fikir..just complete the marathon..decent timing is indeed a bonus..he, he..

  7. You're a good runner syed. Just that you just need training for a good full.
    rest well.
    We'll all try again

  8. You are too kind with your praises. It's a huge team effort. Back to you, finishing is far more important than timing esp tak cukup training .. Don't beat yourself on it. You will bounce back when the time is right. Proud of you little bro :)

  9. These are technical posting! Welcome back buddy. Keep on going. Jangan ponteng lari lama sangat, badan rasa tak best. If you keep on lengthening your marathon timing, dah boleh attempt ultra pulak lepas ni. Hehe.

  10. We know what you can do syed, you just need training. Hope for the real syed to be able to make a comeback soon.

  11. Three morals of the story...
    1) Bukan selalu boleh nampak guys runing in skirts
    2) Same as (1)
    3) Same as (2)

    Apa2hal... Well Done bro!
    And nice to see u again.

  12. thanks guys for the words of courage.. u guys are my support system.. insyaAlah, saya akan kembali berlari seperti biasa..