15 June 2011

NB 15KM 2011 - i hit rock bottom and cool about it.

*clearing cobwebs*
My desire for running (and participating in competitive race) has somehow waned. For some unfathomable reason, it went downhill after the completion of my virgin full marathon last year. I am no longer my usual runner self, who would be all perked up, discovering soon-to-be-held running events. I was in short, burned out. Running was scarcely done. Makan-tidur and up to no good activities thrives.

After almost a sedentary year of non running, eating-spree, reckless snacking and slothing, I had the cheek to attempt a somewhat used to be stroll in the park but now a gargantuan task to complete. Suddenly, my libido for participating running events was aroused, thanks to celebrity runner Irwan Anuar who could not make it due to work commitment and gave away his bibs to me. And also I was subtly peers-pressured by the quirky and now-hit-by-the-running-bug Kaki Lariks.(guys, u’ll be burned out, too.. trust me..it’s just a matter of time.. hehe)

I don’t know whether I ran the race well. With four lengthy walk breaks, by any runner standard, that’s a badly ran race.. my old runner self would have pulled my hair reacting to the manner the run was executed. Strangely, I felt great completing it, regardless the shabby timing. Knowing that I was up wee in the morning to pound the asphalts, sweating bullets rather than curling under the blanket already made me feel like a winner. And yes! the camaraderie with kaki lariks after the race was the cherry on top.

The timing was so abysmal that it way off my best NB 15km timing, by 20 minutes difference..

One cannot bask in his glory all the time, sometimes a runner has to own his/her shortfalls and eat the humble pie.

Location : homeground, Putrajaya.
Terrain : 90% Flat.

NB 15KM RUN 2009 VERDICT (masa ni baru berjinak-jinak)
Time : 1:46:41 Men Open Placing : 423 Overall placing : 926

NB 15KM RUN 2010 VERDICT (mind you, the terrain comprised of killer hills of bukit tunku)
Time : 1:15:34 Men Open Placing : 37 Overall placing : 77

NB 15KM RUN 2011 VERDICT (Teruk gile, but I can live with that :) )
Time : 1:35:34 Men Open Placing : 443 Overall placing : 488

I am not sure whether I will return to be the running junkie who would drop everything to run at every opportunity. For now, I would just take it slowly, one at a time, moderately rekindling my love for running.

Next is larian koperasi, this coming Saturday,


  1. like syah said to me, apa ada pada timing?? its doing it and enjoying it yang penting kan? see u soon bro .. miss you and congrats .. by the way "bad timing" for your 15k is my bad for 10k, go figure lol

  2. uhuk uhuk * cough * cough
    banyaknya dust kat sini.
    Welcome back!

  3. that's not shabby at all lah bro... train sikit je lagi and you'll recover you'll get back to where you used to be? where ah? hehehe well done and welcome back!

  4. welcome back syed! ingat dah jd ayam pencen macam ijam :p

    don't worry syed, good timing is a bonus, most importantly u enjoyed and finished the race :)

  5. welkam bek Syed! jom FRIM sabtu ni...

  6. *selak sawang* hehe.. a'ah. lama x dengar cite. happened to me too. penangan 'first night marathon' was something. ape pun looking forward utk jumpe time training @ ape2 run pas nih..

    even run 5km pun aku pancit skrg.. haha..

  7. Syed, aku yang lari tak henti ni pon belum tentu dapat kejar masa kau tu... think about it. :)
    Welkambek bro!

  8. *bakar sawang* la..ada lagi blog ni..
    tu la aku tengok kau ari tu lemau semacam je..
    tapi takpe, bila dah jatuh kena bangun semula..
    tapi jangan la ada mcm org tu pegi tutup FB pulak, lepas tu tutup blog tak bagi org masuk, lepas tu bukak balik..drama la tu konon..

  9. asik lari je abg ede ni..bile nak kawin haaaa!! hahahaha

  10. Dua hari lepas Nik left komen kat blog aku after satu abad menyepi. Now kau pulak kembali berlari & blogging. I can sense a fresh air coming. Good to have you back in the RBU community bro. And good luck for Larian Koperasi :]

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