11 July 2010

My mi adidas Baby

My good friend Wira insisted to get me a present for my 29 forever birthday (denial! I am 30 btw) and demanded me to name anything I want for a birthday gift. And his idea of birthday present has always been something that is practical and functional. Something that wont be tossed inside the store room for lack of functionality. For me, it is way too much for one to ask/request/demand a birthday gift from people. It’s sheer indulgence. Simple birthday wish or a lunch treat would just bowl me over. :)

But he was persistenc and asked whether I would want running gears as a gift. Then I had eureka moment (insert bulb here)! I have been meaning to get myself a new pair of running shoes (or adding a new pair to existing collection for that matter, which is my one and only pair of Saucony Triumph 6, LOL!). I know that unlike others, i am such a miser for not indulging much into my hobby/passion. Others indulge themselves with expensive running gears like garmins, 2XU tights, HRM, visors, supplements etc. But yours truly is sheer cheapskate. Hands down! LOL!

My old trusty Saucony Triumph 6. Kasut ni best gile. Tak caya tanye Shuk.

I told him that I am an Adination runner passport holder which entitles me to enjoy for 50% discount of any purchase of miadidas shoes. And I further told him that mi adidas is a marketing stunt by adidas that allows buyer to customize the shoes according to the nature of his/her feet and running gaits. One can also personalize the design and color according to the runner’s preference. The cherry on top is that, one can even put his/her name on the shoes!. Wira agreed to the idea and off we went to Adidas outlet in Pavillion on one fine weekend.
Normally, one would need to screen their feet on a feet scanner to determine what kind of feet one is running on, be it natural arch, low arch or high arch or whether one is a pronator or whether one is a forefeet runner or midfeet runner etc. These findings would help one to choose the correct type of liner and sole for the shoes to maximise comfort and its functions. Since I already know what my shoes size is and what type my feet are, I skipped the process and straight away went to the best part of miadidas shoes creation that is customization and personalization.

I opted to customize my shoes after the Supernova Sequence II model as it is cushioni-er than other option for running shoes that is Adizero Tempo. I tried putting my feet in Adizero Tempo and found it a lot less cushiony. I could even feel the flatness and the chillness of the floor. I think Adizero Tempo would suit best if one only wears it on raceday due to its lightweight. I was looking for a trainer and I need something that is durable and could last wear and tear longer.

An adidas representative helped me in customizing the shoes through a software in the miadidas website. As the software is accessible online, it would be easier if one has beforehand customized their preferred shoe model before going to the outlet. That would prevent rushing of customizing which can cause faulty in designing and personalizing. Though on-the-shelf Supernova Sequence II are meant for pronators, I could personalize it to be a normal-feet running shoes by selecting preferable width, type of sockliner and sole! Aint that great?!

After wrapping up with the customization process, the adidas reps informed that the details of the customization has been stored in the database and the shoes wil be manufactured in China and will be ready in 1 and half month to 2 months time.

I received a call from an adidas rep last week informing that my baby is ready for collection. I went to the outlet in pavilion yesterday, all excited and giddy to see my baby.
Presenting you my current love affair, Adidas Crushio.
Macam colour transformers bumble bee tu kan?

I havent had the chance to run in it yet. And i am sure it will take quite sometimes to break them in. Tried walking in them. The cushiony feeling is divine! Will blog about its performance one day!

p/s: The best thing is, an Adination of Runners's passport holder can enjoy this 50% discount of mi adidas shoes once a year! Thats very generous! Marilah beramai-ramai jadi ahli adination of Runners and customize your own mi adidas baby!
Thank You, Adination. And Wira of course!