01 December 2009


in 5 days time, i'll head downsouth to our little but prosperous neighbouring country to venture into another half marathon experience.. its gonna be my 1st time there. yup! you heard me right, my first ever, maiden, julung-julung kalinya, numero uno, visit to singapore.. (an hour transit at changi airport doesnt count, ye) i'll be going there with the rest of Kaki Lariks and will be staying at orchard hotel..*thanx babart for arranging the rooms reservation..

training-wise, i am not fully ready as it was insufficient, i only got to do 20km of running last sunday at lake garden and kenny hills.. but thats about it.. nothing more.. and i felt sluggish and heavy during the run.. thanks to my ummi's cooking that i stuffed my self with when i went back to kampung for raya haji during the long weekend..and that makes me aspire to run at least 10 km everyday for the next 3 days.. just to arm myself with longer lasting stamina to face the much awaited but dreaded race day..

the route in singapore is said to be mostly flat, but dont get duped with the idea that running on flat terrain is less challenging. In fact, it is said that running on flat, long stretched surface could impose leg cramps hazard on runners more often as opposed to running on hilly surface.. this is where ORS comes in handy.. ORS are best consumed while running to prevent leg cramps.. since i love running without anything attached to me, or me holding something while running, i think i will just take ORS drink just before the run..*mental note to myself - must buy ORS in KL before going to singapore!

to kaki lariks and fellow runners, here are some useful tips that i want to share with you guys on running on the big day.. credits to Kak Haza's facebook status.. nway, i was inspired to seriously run after reading her blog which has also inspired many-many lazy bum souls out there to take up running.. she's a great writer who could relate and narrate her experience on running.. wait till u read her race report, it is as if u are running with her by just reading her writing..okayyy.. here goes the tips from the pro @ kak haza..

(1) run less this week - i gotta run few KMs to prepare myself

(2) fine tune your runs - will do, but how to fine tune ye?

(3) rest well & get enuf tido - will do

(4) hydrate well - will do

(5) start carboloading Saturday - will do

(6) spend as little time on ur feet as possible on race eve - will do

(7) consume ors to prevent cramps - definitely will do

(8) use vaseline/bodyglide for chafing - i hardly chafe, this is for irwan and zaidi

(9) be very GUNG-HO, visualize yourself running & finishing it - now and forever GUNGHO when it comes to running events

(10) JUST DO IT!-will do

Being a first time visitor in Sin Jia Poh, i will run leisurely to enjoy the touristy places that i gotta pass by during the run but at the same time i aim to renew my personal best time that i recorded during penang bridge run last 2 weeks.. sub 2 hours that is.. i know i can do it! Singaporean is said to be very good at organizing events, they sure know how to make run a fun party, the testimonials from previous runners who ran previous marathon testified that the race day ambience was colourful, festive and carnival-like.. i just cant wait for the race day to come..

note to myself- break a leg!