02 November 2010

a repenting slacker

Guilty as charged!

*clearing cobwebs* I know I am such a slacker. I slack in updating my running escapades and I also slack BIG TIME in training. Slacking in documenting my running activities does not hurt much, but slacking in training really took its toll on me. After completing my first FM at SCKLM, I began to play truant from training, citing commitments to works as culprits. There was one time I haven’t run for almost a month resulting my stamina plunging to its lowest. Due to almost non-existent training, I performed terribly in few races clocking undesirable time i.e Men’s Health Run 12 km (1hr 05 mins) Newton 25km (2hr43mins).

It is only of late that my training begin to pick up its mileage but it is really nothing to shout about if compared to powermen-to-be’s (you know who you are) mileages. And I haven’t been running LSDs since god knows when. OMG! I am so screwed up! It is scaring the shit out of me knowing that I have 2 weeks more to prepare for my 2nd FM at PBIM2010. I am gonna go all out with mileages before the big day arrives come 21 November 2010.

On another development, I participated in Genting Trailblazers last weekend partnering Shanaz in the mixed category. I prefer our team to be called The Peejays (peejays as in Putrajaya) but shanaz don’t like the idea and she preferred Fit and Fabulous instead which sounded corny to me. Hehe. This is my 2nd year scaling the hills and jungle of Genting. And hell yes, we had whale of a fun doing it with company of close friends and quirky RBUs’s antics as cherry on top. Overall, it was a great and challenging race (always love the scaling and sliding down the muddy hills part and not to forget the mineral rich mudbath at the end) and we ended up securing 22nd placing (original target was to be in the top 10! Fat chance!)Okay dah tu..

From today onwards, I promise myself to incorporate running as part of my life’s routines emulating what some people has diligently been doing (read: syah, yim, shanaz, zack yui, rayzeef, our powermen friends, etc) and not to forget to reenact my running activities in the form of write ups in this godforsaken blog.. InsyaAllah, preferably microblogging would just do it.. 


  1. U know what Syed, blogging and running complements each other.

    When u run but u don't blog, u'll feel like updating your blog.. hence u start blogging.

    And when u don't run and nothing to blog about, u'll start to run so that u have something to blog about.

    It's ok if u don't understand it.. hehehe.

  2. Tak training buat Newton in 2 hr 43min, kalau cukup training....wow, as i said, u are cinya power dude! Train hard enuf so u can get a sub 4 FM, its not impossible for u lah :D

  3. I think you've been running well .. read your FB status etc. It's just that you don't blog enough ... :)

    p/s - I still like Fit and Fabulous. Very the Macam Bagus ! :)

  4. u oklah but we do miss ur blog :) congrats little bro !

  5. Blog. No blog. Run. No run. Still a great performance. Keep it up bro.

  6. nik - wow!thats deep! i cant get a grasp what are you trying to say! haha! i think i dont have a knack for writing lah.. but i'll blog anyway for the sake of reference and retrospective insights..

    ziff - dont la lambung, teruk timing tuu.. nway, u, urself are doing great and looking good lah now..dah slim skrg..

    ian - it must be hard for us to live up to that name lah bro! malu je kalau tak perform nanti.. lain lah team macam bagus yang memang selalu live up to the name.. :)

    kakjune - TQ kakjune. it was great to see you kat GTB hari tuh!

    diket - TQ bro. u inspire me!when i grow up i want to be like you :)

  7. alaaa... ilmiah sgt la blog kau ni. aku suka lite2 je. hahaha